Navigating the Pros and Cons of Social Media in Our Lives

social networks people crazy

We know how much time we are using social media? Some years ago, social networks enter in our lives and now, we spend a lot of time using this apps. But it is good for us? Some researchs show that we need to control the time that we spent with screens and social networks.

One of the most important point of this research is that spent long time seeing the screen of our mobiles or computer damage our eyes and our mental health. The human body is not be preparated to this work, so concentration and vitality of the brain may be more poor.

On the other hand, social media have a lot of different thing where people can enjoy and meet other people. As matter of fact, this is the best way nowdays to meet people and colaborate with others, easily an fastly.

In front of this, people create a false image of herself, so it may procuded a big problem for our lives. We dreams with thing that we dont need, or we think that people have a happy live while in reality they have different problems like us.

To conclude, there are a different advantages and disavantages about use of social media. But we should to control our time and use it for be better and improve ourselves.

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